Hamari Kainaat (Urdu) - Imaging Event Horizon of Blackhole

Dr Salman Hameed and Umair Asim talk about the recent milestone in Astronomy, first ever Imaging of a Blackhole Event Horizon.

We talk about: what is a blackhole? Brief history of theoretical and actual discovery of blackholes, blackholes sizes and the spacetime around them and finally blackhole imaging challenges and how did they capture the Event Horizon.

ڈاکٹر سلمان حمید اور عمیر عاصم فلکیات کے حالیہ سنگ میل، بلیک ہول کی کامیابی سے لی گئی تصویراور اس سے جڑے دیگر موضوعات مثلا” بلیک ہول کی حسابی اور حقیقی دریافت، ان کی مختلف جسامت اور ان کے گرد خلا اور وقت کے بارے میں گفتگو کر رہے ہیں

Hamari Kainaat - Episode 8

In this episode, we discuss how astronomers learn about different types of stars on H-R Diagram, why is it so important and how easy it becomes to know the life cycle of any star by looking at its place on H-R Diagram. Let's see how Dr Salman Hameed explains it so simply.

Hamari Kainaat - Episode 7

In this episode, we talk about stars.. how did we first know the nature of stars in the night sky? what amazing knowledge spectroscopy of starlight has given to us? what different colors of stars can tell us about their physical properties? Let's begin our journey by asking these question to Dr Salman Hameed.

Hamari Kainaat - Episode 6

This episode focuses on the recent nova in Sagittarius constellation. What is a Nova? What are the basic processes that makes it so bright? What are the different types of Novae? What is Chandersekhar Limit and why its is do important to understand white dwarf stars?

Let us listen to the answers of all these questions from Dr Salman Hameed. 

Hamari Kainaat - Episode 5

This is our first podcast dedicated on your question about Astronomy. In this Episode, Dr Salman Hameed talks about protoplanetary disks, expansion and end of the Universe, history of sun-centered and earth-centered model of the 'Universe', importance of astrophotography in Astronomy and the efforts of amateur astronomers for popularizing Astronomy in Pakistan. 

Hamari Kainaat - Episode 4

Here we talk about a recent outburst in U Geminorum binary stars, which happened in the second half of February, 2015. What caused this star to get 100 times brighter than its usual brightness? Are there other stars such as this one? What will happen to it in the far far future? and last but not least, how can amateur astronomers in Pakistan contribute in the research of Variable Stars?

lets's listen the answers from Dr Salman Hameed.

Hamari Kainaat - Episode 3

Last month, in January 2015, a triple transit occurred on Jupiter. A transit can happen on Jupiter once in a week or so but the next triple transit will be not before 2032!

What is it? How and why it happens? What is the importance of Planet Jupiter in our Solar System? These are some of the questions we try to answer in this episode of Hamari Kainaat. So let's listen to it!

Hamari Kainaat - Episode 2

Episode 2

Here we discuss about Kepler-444 planetary system, just found in Kepler Space Telescope's data. This is the first ever found planetary system which has five rocky planets. We also, briefly, talk on how scientific papers are submitted and reviewed before publication.

Hamari Kainaat - Episode 1

Episode 1

In this first episode of 'Hamari Kainaat' podcast, Dr Salman Hameed and Umair Asim talks about a recent news (early January 2015) on exoplanet. We discuss what are exoplanets, how they are discovered, why it is so hard to find them and the significance of exoplanets for us.